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Welcome to storytelling parties. Here is a place where those of us who appreciate the art of storytelling come to mingle, share storytelling ideas and techniques, find storytelling inspiration, learn about the history of storytelling, and discover storytelling festivals

Where would you like to begin your story?

Learn how to throw a party
I have always defined a party as something of a happening because it is a bit improvisational and a bit planned. That said, I usually tell people that a storytelling party happens when people are invited to a specific location (e.g. a home), and three or four of those people tell a crafted story on a specific, pre-determined theme (e.g. stories of summertime). The atmosphere should be relaxed, the food and drink should be readily available and the audience should be willing listeners.

Cultivate great storytelling ideas, themes and techniques
We share stories all the time, but crafting a story is an entirely different experience. Here are some that I feel have a big impact.

Learn about the art of storytelling
Storytelling is an ancient art, and connects all of us together and to our past. I feel it is a very human and very humble art form that deserves our attention.

Share stories and storytelling ideas with other contributors
We could all use a little help now and then. To get your ideas flowing or ask a question, check out what others have said when it comes to the art of storytelling.

Listen to other storytellers
Being a good listener is the first step towards becoming a good storyteller. Watch some of these videos to see how other storytellers do it and test your knowledge of technique with some follow-up questions.

Storytelling is for adults and children alike. However, some of the video examples of storytelling used on this site are not appropriate for young children. Please use good judgment when screening the videos.